Working Papers

Presented: SEA 2021, MEA 2020, EGSO 2020, Bank of Mexico 2020-2022, Cornell-2022, Brookings 2022, Universidad del Rosario-2022, EAFIT 2022, Banco Mundial 2022, Compass Lexecon 2022

Awards: PIV, Bank of Mexico 2020, Georgetown 2021

Political alignment brings disproportional public spending but has unintended consequences for employment growth.

with Kiyomi Cadena, Laura Moreno and Carlos Rodríguez

Placed-based policies aim to spur development in distressed local economies. Local economic growth masks the fact that benefits are concentrated in non-poor residents of poor places

with Umberto Muratori and Pedro Juarros

Awards: Doctoral Grants, Washington Center of Equitable Growth

Public spending has a higher impact on employment and output when it goes to sectors with a higher labor intensity


Empirical Economics, 2023

With Tobias Puftze and Carlos Rodriguez-Castellan

Review of Development Economics, 2022

With Luis Felipe Lopez-Calva, Nora Lustig, Carlos Rodriguez-Castellan

Review of World Economics, 2020

With Andres Garcia and Ricardo Arguello

How sensitive is regional poverty measurement in LAC to the value of the poverty line?

Economía, 2018

With Andres Castañeda, Santiago Garriga, Leonardo Luchetti and Leonardo Gasparini

Inequality stagnation in Latin America in the aftermath of the global financial crisis

Review of Development Economics, 2017

With Louise Cord, Liliana Sousa, Leonardo Luchetti, Carlos Rodriguez and Oscar Barriga

Weather shocks and health at birth in Colombia

World Development, 2016

With Mabel Andalon, Joao Pedro Azevedo, Viviane Sanfelice and Carlos Rodriguez

Sectoral and poverty impacts of agricultural policy adjustments in Colombia

Agricultural Economics IAAE, 2015

With Ricardo Argüello